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Dupe Perfumes In The UK That Are The Best

What is it that makes dupe perfumes good?

So you are currently searching online for dupe perfumes. However, you do not know where to purchase them from. You also do not know what makes a good dupe perfume in the first place. The last thing you want is to order a fragrance online and you end up not being happy with it.

When you are about to order dupe fragrances online, make sure the company is legit. What do we mean by legit? We mean (like ourselves) take pride and care in providing the best. This means:

  • Test all fragrances before listing them for sale
  • We test the dupe perfume for longevity 
  • That we test the fragrances to make sure the scent is authentic or very close to authentic 
  • Handle all products with care
  • Packages the products well and securely 

All of this contributes towards YOU receiving a pleasant experience and only the best dupe perfumes. 

You can view our range of fragrances at our online store:

Top 5 dupe perfumes based on popularity

5.) Opera Noir 100ml

Opera Noir by Maison Al Hambra is a 100ml fragrances for women inspired by YSL Black Opium. This fragrance has beautiful top notes of pear, pink pepper and orange blossom. The middle notes of this fragrance are coffee, jasmine, bitter almonds and licorice. Finally, the base notes are a wonderful blend of vanilla, patchouli, cashmere wood and cedar. 

4.) Invicto 100ml

Invicto by Fragrance World is a 100ml fragrance for men inspired by Pacco R’s Invictus. This fragrance’s top notes consist of sea notes, grapefruit and mandarin. It’s middle notes are bay leaf and jasmine. Finally, the base notes of this incredible fragrances are ambergris, oakmoss, guaiac wood and patchouli.

3.) Change De Canal 100ml

Change De Canal is one of our fabulous 100ml dupe perfumes for women inspired by Chance Chanel. It has wonderful top notes of quince and grapefruit. Middle notes of rose and jasmine alongside base note of musk. 

Change De Canal 100ml By Fragrance World

2.) Imperium 100ml

Imperium is another incredible 100ml fragrance for men. It is inspired by Elysium by Roja. This one probably wins it for bottle design but just falls short of number one in terms of fragrance. However, that does not mean it’s fragrance is not amazing. 

Top notes: Grapefruit, bergamot, lime, lemon, thyme, artemisisa and galbanom. Middle notes: Vetiver, juniper berries, black currant, apple, pink pepper, cedar and lily-of-the-valley. Base notes: Ambergris, leather, vanilla, benzoin and labdanum. 


1.) Badee’ Al Oud 100ml

In first place is Badee Al Oud which is a 100ml unisex fragrance. It’s astonishing scent captivates those within close proximity. 

It has top notes of saffron, nutmeg and lavender. Middle notes of agarwood (oud) and base notes of patchouli and musk. 

Badee Al Oud Oud For Glory 100ml Lattafa

Visit our online store now to view these fragrances and many more dupe perfumes we have to offer:

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